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How to Succeed in Financial Market?


How it becomes possible that some traders are successful and trade with profit whereas a group of people complain that everything goes bad and mainly leave the position as losers. The same prices, the same news and chart patterns are available to all of them however not everyone manages to reach the trading goal. So what is the reason that some of them let the trade as winners and for some traders it is a real catastrophe?

Your trade and your feelings

In Forex trading and CFD trading psychology is of vital importance. It can influence the trade both positively and negatively. However, note that emotional trading mostly tends to make negative impact. Now let’s understand one by one which feeling and psychological state what consequences may bring.

FEAR – The transition from demo account to real account is exciting and even scaring for dome people. Seeing their real money already in transaction they suffer anxiety that prevents trading. Do not allow fear to penetrate into your trade and make you sustain losses. Your nervous state will worsen and worsen your trade resulting in absolutely bad consequences.

GREED – whenever you see your trade flourishing and bringing profits it’s natural that you will get excited and feel worried about the potential for greater gains.  At these moments it’s more than important to stick to the rules of your trading plan. If you notice signs indicating the time of closing the position and taking your profit think irrationally and exit the trade. Do not try to make more and more profit as this will end up with unexpectedly significant losses.

STRESS – When you feel stressed just leave the trade. Whatever the reason of your stress is (illness, divorce, changing the job or the trade itself) remember that it will distract you and prevent from judging.

JOY – Joyful and happy moments are also dangerous for trade. You may feel invigorated, trade with great enthusiasm and take risks which you actually can’t afford.

ANGER – Avoid immediate and unreasonable decisions which are usually result of anger. In this case losing trade may make you get irritated. At such moments never risk to get back to trade. In case you aren’t calm and aren’t able to make judgments even do not think of “entering the market”.

Whenever you get angry with yourself because of making a wrong decision refer to it as an experience and remember that each of us makes mistakes and takes lessons from them.


It’s never possible to escape emotions and feelings; they are the ingredients of our inner world, psyche and heart. And there is no necessity to try even to get rid of them. The only way to accept is putting balance between your judgments and emotions. If you manage to do so you can be sure in your trading success. The latter is achieved by combining and making integrity of knowledge, experience, logic, real judgments and, of course, positive feelings. Have all these and use them in your favour and you will forget about failure.

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